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I'm a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Farmer, Maker .......Constantly Fullfilling Roles All Week.......

It’s simple really.  I’m just like you, constantly fulfilling roles and responsibilities all week… with no time left in my busy schedule.

How could weekly health rituals be incorporated into my life?  Easy.  I had a health scare a few years ago and decided things had to change. Enough was enough.  So now I enjoy time to stop, slow down and enjoy a peaceful sanctuary I can create at home on a weekly basis.

I find lighting a candle, listening to soft relaxing music and meditating, often visualising walking through a lush green rainforest and sipping from a clear crystal creek is sheer indulgence and a great stress release.

I can enjoy a warm bath or footsoak using our unique farm grown peony rose petals. The peony rose season is all too short so this is a luxurious way to enjoy being immersed in a luscious peony experience. 

Self care routines can seem daunting, but giving yourself time to re-energise with our Peony Rose Bath Salts and Milks can be the best thing you can do for yourself all week.

Please allow me to share this experience with you….. because I believe simple ways to alleviate stress and clear your mind are important for health and well being goals.

I truly put my heart and soul into these products and hope you will love using them as much as I do.

Chris xo

Bath Customer Testimonials

The Peony Bath Salts are to die for.  They look beautiful, the perfume is amazing and a bath using them is luxurious.

Anne Stackman

Absolutely beautiful products.  My order was packed and delivered promptly with great response from Christine.  Will definately be ordering more Peony Bath Milk and Peony Soap in the future.

Annabelle McLauchlan

A beautiful family owned business.  The peony's are stunning and the Milk Bath is so lovely.

Suellen Ryan

This is hands down my favourite bath treatment at the moment!! It smells absolutely INCREDIBLE and leaves your skin feeling soooo soft!  Plus I'm a sucker for flower petals in my bath tub.

Claire Urquhart

The Lullaby Lavender Gift Hampers are so beautifully done. I purchased some as gifts for my daughter who is getting married next month and her bridesmaids.

Helen Rich

The soap is the BEST I have ever used and lasts for ages. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and nourished.

Allison Denholm