2019 Peony Rose Season is Full Steam Ahead

Girl with Peonies




I'm Chris and very excited to let you know that our peony rose season will soon be in full swing for picking in November.

We’ve been tending to our peonies throughout the year.  After flowering season we are still looking after our babies, watering, weed control and mowing until Autumn comes then we are able to divide the tubulars for more plants.  This is a bit of a messy job.  I used to lift  the tubulars by hand, but the peony plants are quite brittle and break easily, so now we use a bobcat which makes it so much easier to lift tubulars and dig holes.  The peony foliage is also cut back to a couple of inches above the ground during Autumn and the debris is removed and burned from the patch.  During winter we fertilise and they remain dormant for a couple of months.  Once Spring comes they lift themselves out of the ground and burst through the soil, ready to grow quickly for a Mid November pick.  We pick varieties to side bud, as some of the main buds rot if the side buds are not removed.  Our first variety to pick is a double red, not particularly strong in the stem,  ok length and a spectacular deep red colour.

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If you require "plenty of peonies" for a special event please phone me 0427333299 and I'll help you decorate with plenty of farm fresh peonies.

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