Autumn in the Northern New England Tablelands of NSW


Autumn Leave


"Distinctive and Spectacular" are two words used to describe our Autumn colour in the high country of the Northern New England Tablelands of NSW.  The autumn leaves always create a stunning show - bright reds, flourescent yellows and deep oranges dot the landscape, creating a wave of colour in their own right, whilst dancing and demanding attention as the wind whisks gently through the trees.

Fortunately, we have had plenty of rain.  This helps set up livestock for winter feeding in paddocks.  Crisp mornings, cool day and a light dusting of frost is now apparent.

At our peony rose farm, any planting planned during Spring and Summer can now be undertaken.  Tubulars will be dug up, split up and planted out.  It is very helpful to have the use of a bobcat.  When you try and lift the tubulars with a fork they are very brittle and tend to break which becomes a little frustrating particularly when you are trying to get a decent tubular rose to divide.  Below is a video I did on this a few years ago. The peonies will also have to be cut back to ground level and dead foliage removed. 

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