Create the Perfect Peony Experience at Home & Stay Nourished this Winter

Lady in Bath

All peony flower lovers can create a beautiful bathing experience at home surrounded by pink peony scent and the luxury of beautiful bath products.  It's so easy to do and your body will reap the rewards.  I just love a good pampering session to elevate my mood and de-stress after a busy, stressful day and best of all no appointment is required.  Set up your sanctuary with a few essential products, creating a relaxing home spa experience.

Our dual wicked Peony Scented Candles have a lovely subtle peony fragrance with a layers of poured white and pale pink wax.  This candle will help set the mood, adding a beautiful soft light to your room.  Flirty and fun set the mood with this feminine fragrance bursting with peony passion.

Peony Candle

 Peony Bath Salt  contain Himalayan Salts, Epsom Salts, Peony Petals (grown and dried on our farm) and Peony Fragrance.  Gently sprinkle a generous handful of salts into a warm running bath while enjoying the peony petals floating gently on the water and the subtle scent of Peony Fragrance.  Our Peony Bath Salts in the jar are perfectly refilled with the Peony Bath Salts in the pouch.  

Have an enjoyable read.  An Audio Book  is a great way to listen to a book without having to lift a finger (there is a free 30 day trial with Audio Book) or check out the top 10 for 2021.

Indoor Plant

An indoor plant placed in the bathroom near the shower will thrive in the humidity created by the warm water and help detoxify air by removing pollutants.  Plants are a rewarding addition to your bathroom and best of all if they get dusty or need a drink, pop them in the shower to clean off dust and re-hydrate.  Check out your plant requirements regarding fertilising, watering and light as this will vary depending on the variety you buy.  For example my Madeinhair Fern likes to stay constantly moist and likes water a couple of times a week.

Our Cold Pressed Soaps are ultra moisturising and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.  We have received wonderful testimonials about our handmade products.  **HOT TIP**  Keep your soap on the side after use it stays hard and dries out well.  This makes a GREAT hand soap too!!

There are so many other things you can do to make your weekly bath an important ritual of your weekly self care routine.  Bathing can give your body time to stop, your mind time to relax and your spirit time to re-new. 

For more ideas on how to sleep well, check out our Pretty and Practical range of Aromotherapy Products which are made using lavender grown and harvested on our farm.  Lavender is know for its calming qualities so we are Lavender Lovers.