Cumquart Jam Tips and Basic Recipe

Cumquart Jam


While visiting my dear mum in Brisbane and attending a long overdue doctor's appointment, (missed the border closure - pheww!)  I was lucky enough to have some cumquarts given to me by a wonderful friend Tracey.   My mum got quite excited at the prospect of receiving this fresh fruit.  I have to admit, I've never been a fan of the cumquart.  I just find it really sour and always believed anything you add A LOT of sugar to mustn't taste great, though I'm always up for a new challenge.  


Anyhow, I did learn a few things about the fruit and making the jam. ( I suppose it's more a paste).  Firstly, as far as the picking goes make sure to leave a little of the stem on.  I didn't realise how well this helps preserve the fruit plus it just looks "fresher" I guess.
Secondly an old family friend of my Aunty's came to visit at my friends with her bottle of Cumquart Jam.  She is a fantastic cook (unlike myself) and gave us a bit of insight into jam making, while munching on her beautiful, light sponge with cumquart jam and cream. What a delight.  The jam was thick and not so sweet.  You could taste the cumquart flavour.  Tracey's hot tip was **perfect with cheese and a wine.** I like the sound of that too!!
Anyhow I must credit the Thermomix recipe for this one.  Although I don't own a Thermomix the recipe was simple and easy to adapt if you don't own one.
All you need to do is wash the fruit, removing any stem or blemished bits.  Weigh the fruit.  Cut the cumquarts in quarters.  Throw the cumquarts in a pot seeds and all.  Cover with water and bring to boil, then simmer until soft.  
Drain off the water (reserve a cup or so just in case)  grab a stick blender and puree until mushy.  Add half the amount of sugar to fruit (eg. 2 cups cumquarts, 1 cup water) stir, boil then reduce heat so it's still bubbling but not totally boiling rapidly and stir frequently.  My mum told me if you cook it for too long you can lose the colour  so once we added the sugar it took about 20 - 30 minutes. If the consistency is a little thicker than what you'd like during this time, add a bit of the cumquart water you've put aside. Also great for making cumquart cordial. 
Glass Bottles
Look up a method of sterilising jars (plenty on the internet) and once the bottles are just out of the oven, and you're jam is the right consistency, start botttling.
Probably not a great recipe if you like to see slices of fruit in the jam, but for me it was perfect.
Thank you for reading - I am NOT proclaiming to great jam maker, in fact I'm not - that's why I'm sharing this because it worked well and it was easy.
I hope you liked it.  PS If you have a Thermomix even better!!