Ensuring vase life longevity for your peonies



 Peony Vase

Ensuring your flowers remain beautifully fresh for as long as possible is a must.

People often ask me this question so I have detailed a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the most from your bunch.

If you are picking up flowers for a special event and have to travel, use buckets filled with cold water and add ice, particularly if it is a hot day.

Once at home, pick a vase which suits the flower or the look you like.  I have a vase which is tall a narrow neck.  It hold the stems perfectly.  If you don't mind snipping stems a shorter vase will do the trick.

Choose a spot which is out of direct sunlight, so the rays aren't beating down on the blooms and a room that isn't really warm.  A cooler spot in the house is better.

Fill a vase with cool water and add ice if you have some left over from your trip.  Peonies use a lot of water so fill the vase at least half way.

Refresh water and snip every third day and enjoy.