Gardening in Cold Climates

Bath Stall at Guyra Garden Club Lunch

On Monday  I attended the annual GUYRA Garden Club lunch with guest speaker Simon Rickard. He lives in the central Victoria highlands so well knows the challenges associated with living in a cold climate.  Once you see his face, you may well know who he is.   Simon has been involved with Diggers which is a large Gardening Club in Australia and has appeared on Gardening Australia - one of my favourite gardening shows.

What an amazing presenter, challenging me to question plant choices and suggesting ways to include colour in winter through grasses, bark and sticks as alternatives to flowers to brighten up a grey winter’s day (which we have so many of here in Guyra).

Winter can be such a drab time in the garden however some stunning choices were displayed with plenty of photos to start thinking of ways to make winter more interesting in my New England garden.  More inclusions throughout winter can only make the garden more interesting!

Good design in winter holds a garden well and is the basis for success during the other seasons. A handy hint for evaluation is to take photos in black and white (which is not reliant on colour) and ask yourself "Where are other elements popping up in my garden design such as shape and texture. Which makes my area interesting."  

This will form the basis of design by highlighting areas in need of some more work.   There is always something to do....

During the annual Guyra Garden Club Lunch plenty of helpful insights and botanical names for useful plants provided an informative presentation. I have been following him on Simon on Instagram (fabulous for visuals) and noticed he provides a lot of information so hop on if you would like to know more. He does have posts with peony flowers, showcasing peony roses such as the tree peonia Zoe, Nasa and Jimgemia. Plenty of inspiration when your not sure what to plant.  I plan to have a good look when I get a moment.

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