Lavender Health Benefits

Lavender in fields   

Using the Lavender flower in your Life


I am in love with lavender and all the things you can do with it.

There are so many practical uses - it’s just such a versatile plant that is drought hardy and easy to grow, so give lavender growing a grow and add some colour to your day.  Here are some things I do with my lavender, even while it’s still on the bush.


1/ Lavender attracts bees.  Yep, they love the colour purple and while you have a glorious show of purple colour, bees are everywhere.  I have never had lavender honey with this many bees in my garden during flowering time, I plan to put a hive amongst the plants and see what happens…..

2/ When your lavender is picked, hang it in bunches upside down.  The flower has to dry out before it is harvested, it looks pretty and add a lovely scent to your house, so enjoy.

3/ Use the lavender bundles and gift to friends.  People usually love things that you’ve grown yourself – it’s such a personal touch.

4/ Have you ever tried to make a dried floral arrangement?  It’s super fun to do and there are plenty of ideas on PinInterest.

5/ If you are keen to cook with lavender, research the variety of lavender you need – not all lavender is edible.    

 6/ Experiment with lavender flowers in a bath. Try other dried botanics and extras such as oatmeal for soothing skin.


As a mum of 2, I loved using lavender body lotions on my children as babies before sleep time.  I always added a massage after the daily dinner, bath, bed time routine and it definitely helped promote calmness and relaxation.  In fact, one of my babies was a great sleeper already, and would often fall asleep while I massaged him. 


This practical experience inspired our Aromatherapy Line.  Our Lavender Eye Pillows combine farm grown lavender flowers with organic buckwheat. Give the pillow a light squeeze with your finger tips to diffuse the oil in the lavender flower. It is made from Organic Cotton to gently place on the eyes and a pretty peony 100% cotton floral which can be placed in the freezer to chill.

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