Love Is In The Air At The Flower Farm In Guyra

Are you planning a Wedding?

2022 is shaping up to be a little less restrictive.  Special events, such as your wedding day is now front and centre to plan, organise and execute.  It is a bespoke occasion and no less than perfection is hoped for. There are so many things to do it can seem well, a little daunting.  Bouquets, budgets, bridal shoes, catering, the cake, decor, dresses, entertainment, floristry, guest list, honeymoon plans, hairstyles, locations, mood board(s), packing, photography, registry, rings, stationery, theme, timelines, transportation, website, wedding planner, transportation, travel plans,  venues, wedding day song.  I'm sure I've missed somethings here.  AAAhh......

Wedding table with peony roses

Here are my top tips from a wedding planner who knows a things or two.

1/ We all want to look good for our special day, but don't become a health nut and starve yourself in order to do this.  Chances are all the weight you've lost for one day will be packed back on quickly. Focus on nourishing your mind and body with mindful, healthy eating. Be happy and kind to yourself. 

2/ Don't be afraid to research wedding costs mid week if you don't mind foregoing a week-end wedding.  If this is a negotiable item, make some calls and see if the budgetary advantages outweigh the mid week celebration.

3/ Plan your relaxation time up to your wedding wisely. With so many things happening sleep can, well,  just seem like a sheer luxury.   Keep your bedtime routine consistent.  This will regulate your body clock  and  increase your chances of getting a good night's sleep.  Indulge a little relaxation with our  Peony Rose Bath.  Make it a ritual and light candles, listen to soothing music or a good audio book you enjoy.  An indoor plant looks great and keeps the air nice and clean.  Reach for Lavender Aromatherapy with Peony inspired Eye Pillows and Sleeping Masks to make you feel like a pampered princess all the way to the alter.  

Bridal Lavender Eye Pillow

4/ Don't sweat the small stuff.  Keep everything in perspective and remember there will be a few things that do not go exactly to plan.  This is inevitable.    Laugh as much as you can,.  Most people won't know..

5/ A glass of champagne or mocktail is always nice beforehand to walk up the aisle and calm the nerves.  I am in love with the small  Piccolo Moet bottles or better still support an Australian grower and plan a hen's week-end sourcing the perfect drop.  Check out Wine Regions Australia.  They are just the perfect size for one drink.  Plenty of non-alcoholic options available too.

6/ Smile, smile, smile.  Be grateful everyone is at your wedding to celebrate you and your husband so revel in the glory and enjoy the love with your family and friends.

Credits to Helen Rich of Kellys Plains.  Her daughter Anna (right) is getting married shortly with  sister Rachel as one of her bridesmaids.  They are indulging in our Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack leading up to her wedding day.

Congratulations, we wish you all the best. x

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Have a lovely day.

Bride to be and sister holding Gift Hamper Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack