New Stockist White Ivy Boutique & Gift Uralla + The New Dilemma Facing Us All

The other day I was travelling to Uralla in northern NSW en route to a birthday celebration.  I was meeting Deborah from White Ivy Boutique & Gifts. 

It is a newly opened Boutique Gift Shop in the old bank building next to Michaels Cafe Uralla and opposite Eve Flowers on The New England Highway.


Outside of Florist Shop oppostite White Ivy Gifts Uralla


Although we had spoken on the phone this was our first face to face meeting and I was feeling great as a bit of preparation had gone into my appearance - I usually knock around in jeans and a work shirt.  My essential "Go To" dress has been given to St.Vincents De Paul after a close friend commented it looked like a funeral frock. (Only a true friend would be so honest!)  Well a replacement had to be found.  So I started the search..... and luckily we weren't in lockdown then!! 


Floating aimlessly from shop to shop I was starting to get slightly disheartened as dresses were more scarce than hens teeth.  I did have a back up plan though - Felicity from Blue Ilusion in Tamworth.  I had been there before, and know she knows her stuff + is very honest in her opinion about outfits.  Suddenly I breathed a sigh of relief as dresses were brought out with more than half a dozen to choose from. Feeling a little desperate to find "The Dress", I was soon soothed with choices finding the right one + a gorgeous pair of earrings that I just couldn't resist. 


Shop Assitant


"How about reviving leather?" I quickly asked.  She  pointed to the  @PlazaShoeRepairs in Peel Street.   Eager to get the outfit done and dusted, I was pleasantly surprised to find out  that 1/ there is a product better than kiwi polish for my boots and vintage handbag (from Bellingen Markets) and 2/ matching colour is of utmost importance.  Not having the items with me, I brought two different colours and figured one would be close enough, which it was. Great!  So I was feeling lovely in my new dress for my first face to face with my new stockist Deborah.


Spring Blossom


Driving to Uralla I noticed how blue the sky was and beautiuful the countryside looked.  Spring was just around the corner. About 5 minutes out of Uralla I mentally went through my checklist as I had changed handbags.  Phone, purse, perfume, money, mask..... mask, wait I have NO MASK.  What could I do, what should I do?  I cannot meet Deb without a mask!!  How could this be?  I am not trying to make an anti-mask statement or ignore the rules, I really do care - I JUST FORGOT MY B***** MASK!!!  Geez  All these things went through my head in about 5 seconds flat and then I calmed down.  Thinking quickly I realised if I parked in front of the chemist in the main street I could make a quick dash in,  grab a mask and protect myself and others around me.  Phew I though, panic OVER!!  Parking outside the chemist,  I automatically grabbed my car keys from the middle console, thinking really about nothing much at all ready to disembark when suddenly I looked to and noticed ..... a MASK.......wedged in the side panel of the passenger seat.  Well that would certainly do for a minute anyway.  Pheww. Well what was all the fuss about!!!


Masks are the new Bra


The front of White Ivy has a beauifully crafted wrought iron (black my favourite) fascade and entry was through an wrought iron gate - I was intrigued.  The shop held many lovely gifts including this soap which I brought for my son - he's on his L's.  Quirky and practical I like it.




The ornate fireplace was roaring and the space held warmth and charm.  I was so pleased to be stocking products in this shop.  I met Deborah, had a chat and left feeling happy to find somewhere new to shop in Uralla.  The store has just opened.

The soap is unopened, but surprisingly my teenage son liked the quirkiness of the gift  plus I scored a big, cheeky grin, which was gold.  So thank you Deb.