Our Lavender Story

I have always been in love with the colour and smell of lavender. Whether it be a light shade of violet or rich, deep purple (which incidentally reminds me of a magnificent velvet material being rolled out onto a lush, green landscape) there is a visual appeal when planted on mass.  The smell is super soothing and calming.....  


lavender flowering


I have always grown lavender plants whilst living in the Northern New England Region of New South Wales.  Lavender grows particularly well in this region.  It is easy to grow and drought tolerate which was a large consideration before expanding the patch.  I originally started with 30 plants, using their yield to make Lavender Stacks and Lavender Eye Pillows for my online shop but found I was running out so decided to plant more.  The local independent nursery Cedar Nursery & Designs in Armidale proved very helpful in selecting a suitable variety for my location.  Sometimes you just can't beat local knowledge.  I would love to say that I propagated the lavender myself, but it's just not my area of expertise.

The lavender plants proved particularly vigorous and healthy.  It certainly showed after we planted them out.   The stock purchased was very good quality.


                     lavender resized


Now the hard bit was digging the holes to plant the lavender.  Luckily for me the farm tractor came in handy and 200 lavender tubes were planted out.

tractor ploughing


These lavender was planted in 2019.  They have grown considerably and I have only replaced about 10.  A bare hill which was a wee bit boring has become so beautiful to look at in January when the lavender is blooming.  The only thing in the photo below that looks wrong is a large clump of grass I've yet to pull out from the middle of a lavender bush.


 Lavender Patch


If you have any annoying flies around grab some lavender, rub the flower between your hands to release the oil and gently wipe over your face a little bit like you're applying sunscreen.  The flies magically disappear and your skin smells naturally beautiful too.

If you have ever thought about growing lavender in your garden I would highly recommend this plant as it is both beautiful and practical.

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