Self Care - Why taking a bath with our Peony Bath Salts can be the most important thing you do for yourself on a weekly basis….

Bath with petals and peony rose bath salts and milks

Setting time aside to relax and unwind is important.  Creating small rituals, such as having a bath can truly relax your mind and body. This is a simply beautiful way to take care of yourself which enables you to take care of those around you.

Have you ever thought “I’m so busy, life is super full – I never get time to do anything for myself?” Between juggling different roles we can take on more duties than we care to admit, often  jumping  from one thing to the next and running  ourselves ragged,  trying to keep up with all the jobs we’ve taken on.  From paying bills to working long hours, where is the time for much more than family and perhaps a catch up with friends every now and then? 

Sometimes it’s so easy to be caught up.  The last thing you are thinking of is taking time out  for a Peony Bath Salts Bath.  Your brain is constantly wired and thinking of the next three things on the “TO Do” list.  The question poses “Is this sustainable over the long term?”   I’m not sure…….  I find periods of business can be great.  To strive for meaning is good and being passionate about different life areas is fantastic.  It can be a focus to happiness.    Taking on a project, giving it your best shot, following through, seeing  results and knowing  you’re achieving  (whether anyone notices or not) is rewarding.   Allowing down time is equally important and can prove difficult.  If you struggle with “down time” technology has certainly added another component to the mix. 

The simple act of enjoying a warm bath with our Peony Bath Salts  will reap multiple health benefits.  The Epsom Salts are great for relaxing muscles while the Himalayan Salts help stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure and removes heavy toxins.  The skin absorbs 80% of what it comes in contact with, so treat yourself knowing that you are experiencing wonderful health benefits for your body.  The base ingredients, our peony petals, are grown on our farm, dried on wood and made with other natural ingredients (on farm)  including a light peony fragrance (made in Australia).   \

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