Spring has sprung…. Spoil yourself and others with Peony Bath Salts & Lavender Eye Pillows.

Ok.  I have a confession!  I'm a real sucker for Spring. The brisk, cold winter mornings can be glorious in the New England, however the shorter days, cold weather and more indoor  activities kinda makes me crave the outdoors when it warms up.  When the first sign of Spring appears my heart automatically leaps with anticipation - the warmer weather and longer days forecast see me in the garden and at the peony patch.  After layering on winter clothes continually for months, I now look to turn over a new leaf, rejuvenating and refreshing my mind and body.

For me, setting small goals, such as exercising is much more achievable during the warmer months.  The beautiful blue sky, fresh air and warmth of the sun on my skin are wonderful bonuses with added health benefits.



I also like to ensure my skin is nourished and love using our Peony Bath Salts.  Epsom Salts (a great muscle relaxant) are gently mixed with Himalayan Pink Salts (mineral rich) and our farm grown dried peony petals with a light peony fragrance added.  As we grow the peony petals put in this product, I can be super generous with the amount added and a small handful ensures you have enough petals floating to create your very own "spa experience" at home.  Our beautiful Peony Bath Salts are sure to please.   It is a truly wonderful way to reward and relax after a walk. 

My top tips for great bathing is to have everything you need on hand so you don't have to get out (grab a tray for all your things), lock the door (if other people are in the house let them know what you're up to) and listen to your great music (rainforest music is my favourite).  20 minutes is sufficient, but in the meantime get your mind relaxed as well as your body.  Allow yourself the time to do this and you enjoy looking forward to doing this as a weekly ritual - trust me you will feel the difference!

 For Aromotherapy Lovers we have used lavender to create a real treat for you.  Our Handcrafted Lavender Eye Pillow contains lavender, organic buckwheat and lavender essence. The pillow is made using our signature Peony Fabric and can be heated in the microwave for 10 second bursts or cooled in the refrigerator (best to pop in a bag first).  Simply place over your eyes.  It gently soothes tired, puffy eyes and is fantastic for stress relief.  If you have never experienced the benefits of using a Lavender Eye Pillow now may be the perfect opportunity to try.

Enjoy the warmer weather and preparing for the wonderful warmer months.