Surround yourself with the things you love……..


Today I’ve made a pack with myself.  That right, something I’ll look at and love every day.  For months I have wanted to buy more indoor plants (not just any type, I already have a few!) but the ones that magnificently cascade down like a waterfall from the ceiling hanging gently  to the floor.  Almost like a piece of art gently unfolding or an ever changing picture cherished with love.

The weather is gloomy today, (hopefully rain) today is Sunday (most of the housework is done – never all!) and I’m in a creative type of mind so I’ll get out, snip cuttings and have a play.

 In recent years there has been much talk around decluttering, less is more and surrounding yourself with only the things you cherish.  Our house was built on a bare block a few years ago.  Although it was beautiful it had no trees or garden and nothing inside to soften the sharp edges.  Like so many people I was starting with a blank canvas.  I am truly enjoying slowly making it into a home and adding the things along the way that make me truly happy and comfortable.  It is a work in progress which will never end.  How delightful.

I sometimes think that for us all to be truly different in what we love is part of being the unique voice of humanness, the mark or stamp on us that makes everyone individual and different.  Isn’t it fabulous how we all love different things.  How boring would that dinner party be if we all liked the same thing, needless to say the conversation would be very dull….

But back to the plants, for the sheer joy that nature around me inspires, I am going to collect cuttings in the garden first and will keep you updated on progress.  If you have any particular plant variety that you can suggest, I would really appreciate it.

However, enough about me “What is your love thing?”