Update in the Peony Patch

Peony Patch


 We have been working hard in the peony patch.  Weed control is constant after the flowers have been cut and during Summer and Autumn.  The soil is extremely fertile and with our wonderful rainy weather during this time the peony plants have thrived (as have the weeds - ha, ha!!)  The plants have been cut back to just above the ground, the area has been mown and some tubulars have been divided and re-planted.  Holes have been filled in where plants have been uprooted and any incidental uneven ground filled in.  Now is the perfect time to handle any maintenance issues and trimming the photinia hedge on the western side, which was planted as a wind break, is one of those jobs on the list.

Although the patch is looking bare at the moment, I am patiently waiting for them to pop up in a few months time.  I enjoy the nurture and love I put into the patch, they are my babies!!