Using our Peony Roses from the Patch

The peony rose season is so short for locally grown peony roses in Australia.  They are popular flowers and remain a boutique variety in Australia.  Developing out of this situation,  where the season is so short but the flowers are so popular, I decided to create a line of Bath & Aromatherapy Products based on farm grown botanics - our sweet smelling peony roses and floral lavender.

Peony on wooden table


During our fast and furious pick we use peony roses from our patch to craft a beautiful line of Bath Salts and Milks. I started making the Bath Products with our peony roses as an extra addition to the beautiful, fresh cut peony roses we pick in November.  The products are handmade with botanics grown and harvested on our peony farm in NSW, Australia.  These items are 100% made in Australia with care and attention to detail.



The petals are dried, before being packed in paper bags and stored to be used throughout the year in our Beautiful Peony Bath Salts and Milks.  Our glass jars which hold our Bath Milks and Salts can be perfectly refilled with our large Peony Bath Salts and Milks Pouches or re-purposed.




Using our lavender to create a line of Aromatherapy Products, such as our eye pillow, was a natural progression and a great fit.  Our values Mind + Nourish + Body is embedded in our core belief to take time relaxing and recharging. 

Our customers are the heartbeat of our business, so when we receive great photos, such as “Brides to Be” purchasing our Gift Hamper – Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack, we do a happy dance as we want to enrich our customer experiences. 

Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to fit any time in where relaxation seems impossible, so creating a spa experience at home is a great way to add extra layers to your self care regime, in your own space and time.


"Home is often a place where we put on our most comfortable clothes, sit in our most comfortable spot, and completely let go and relax." 

Dicken Bettinger, Natasha Swerdloff, Coming Home


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