Using our Petals from the Patch

During our fast and furious peony pick we have flowers which open in the patch.   I started making the Bath Products with our dried peony petals as an extra addition to the beautiful, fresh cut peonies we pick in November.

Peony on wooden table

Did you know that each variety of peony requires picking at different stages and times. For example our Mons Jules Elie can be picked quite tightly and always open while the ever popular Sarah Bernhardt needs to be picked soft like a marshmallow. The time they open also differs.  Some varieties take 4 days plus from closed bud to flower opening while others pop open within the day.  A warmer temperature or warm water with help the buds burst open more quickly while chilled water and keeping buds in the fridge will slow the bud from opening.


The petals are laid on large, wooden trolleys and dried, before being packed in paper bags and stored to be used through out the year in our Beautiful Peony Bath Salts and Milks.  Our glass jars which hold our Bath Milks and Salts can be perfectly refilled with our large Peony Bath Salts and Milks Pouches or re-purposed.