Wet Winter Update + Bath & Bedtime for our Peony Rose Puppy

Dog in Bath 

 Isn't this just a gorgeous photo.  Our dearest peony puppy "Ruby" is such great fun and seriously our third child!!  Mind you, we have 5 working dogs too - not as cute  but all very different.

Dash - those eyes look deep into your soul.

Del - dear older one, mind like a teenager body showing age (a bit like me thinking about playing netball again)!

Lucy - my dog, Del's daughter.

Scruffy - very loving but very CRAZY!!

Ben - I'm not so familiar with but will NOT listen at times

Now back to my story about the bath last night.  I had a serious soak in some Peony Bath Milk to moisturise my dry winter skin and then decided to give Ruby a bath to re-use the water.  She enjoyed this followed by a blow dry and dinner, falling heavily asleep with her favourite toy "Big Dog."

While turning on the taps I reminiscence about the drought and feel grateful for all the rain we're having and being able to run a bath.  It is lovely not thinking too much about water, or lack of it.

Yesterday I walked in the paddocks, relishing the squish of soggy ground beneath my feet and seeing plenty of puddles on surface.  My shoes became soaking wet and the ground muddy in parts.  I am only grateful for so much rain, thanking the rain gods for the flow of wetness from the sky.

It is such a beautiful wet winter which will set the peonies up for a smashing flowering season.  We have managed to divide and transplant most of the peonies in the patch, but the weather has made it difficult to finish - perhaps next week?  Fingers crossed.  If it is too wet it just becomes a quagmire which is hard to work in.

I hope you are enjoying the shorter days and making the most of the winter season.  

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