Why peony roses are "The King of Flowers?"

Paul and I have grown peony roses for 5 years.  We have always been cattle and sheep farmers, and wanted to diversify a little.

I came from Brisbane to the New England about 20 years ago.  The plants grown in cooler climates are completely different to plants grown in the tropics.  For example I absolutely love "Birds of Paradise" (Strelitzia Reginae) but I won't grow them - I know they will not thrive in a cool climate.

But back to my thoughts on why I feel the peony is the "King of Flowers"?  Firstly, they are magnificently huge and make a statement in any room.  We have supplied peonies to weddings where they have been simply arranged in a recycled jam jars with eucalyptus.  I think the result is simple and elegant.



I particularly love the doubles, you know the ones with oodles of petals.  They have so many petals it looks like they are "bursting in the bud" when just about to open.

I also love the short flowering period.  Every year I look forward to 4 weeks of bliss when Paul and I pick and pack bunches and bunches of peonies for market and send to customers everywhere. 

Peonies are imported from the Northern hemisphere in winter, however locally flowers will always win me over hands down.  They are more affordable and super fresh. 

We feel super blessed to be involved in growing flowers and have adapted our processes over the years to ensure our flowers are picked and packed quickly, ensuring a great vase life for our customers.