Workplace Giving – Gifts for Well Being with the Flower Farm Guyra



Amazing employees are the backbone of any successful business so it makes sense to reward staff with special gifts throughout the year.  It may be during a holiday period, when they have gone above or beyond but anytime is a great time to share in your success with  staff and show them how much their effect is appreciated either at significant holiday times or when extra effort has been put into a project.  We know they give up a lot of family time when deadlines have to be met, so a thoughtful gesture, such as giving a gift of well-being with The Flower Guyra, is a wonderful way to say “thank you.” Everyone loves a nice gesture either big or small as it just shows we are appreciated - why wait for a special occasion.  It shows our human side and helps us connect with staff on another level.   Looking for opportunities to provide small token gifts with a “thank you – job well done” can be a fantastic way to boost morale in the work place.  

Holiday periods like in December (some do not believe in Christmas - lots of athiests out there) give you a perfect chance to show your wonderful staff that they are part of a team and that you want them to relax and unwind before the busy new year starts again.  You want them to have some self care and be able to nurture themselves mentally and physically as they may be feeling depleted as the end of the year draws near.  Why not show your staff you care with a boutique gift made by hand from Flower Farm Guyra and put a smile on their face - they will be thrilled as our products are only made in small batches on our farm.  They are not available in department stores making them even more special! 


 Longer holiday breaks, such as Christmas, provide a unique opportunity to highlight the successes of the year and build on the mental and emotional workplace environment for the following year. Often it is a time of reflection and evaluation on the year just gone, milestones met and goals achieved.  You may be lucky enough to do this from a beautiful beach view or country escape.  Connecting with family and friends you may only see once a year makes it an extra special holiday break as does giving gifts for well-being with The Flower Farm Guyra.

During this time, wouldn’t it be fantastic to give gifts which show your commitment to staffs’ well-being on a personal level?   Offering meaningful employee presents shows that the business cares about them.  Gorgeous gifts are a reflection of how your employees are valued and a useful tool to show empathy, particularly if it has been a hectic period with unrelenting deadlines.  Gifts for well- being with The Flower Farm Guyra is an inexpensive way to treat hard working staff.


At The Flower Farm Guyra we offer Handcrafted Bath and Aromotherapy Products which are centred around holistic and  nurturing experiences.  It gives your valuable staff tools to relax and take care of themselves which is so important for a work/ life balance.  Our products are made in the New England Tablelands of Australia in small batches.  We offer beautiful experiences – just looks at our testimonials. Check out our online Peony Bath SaltsMilks, Soaps, Lavender Eye Pillows and Lavender Stacks.  We are taking order for Christmas NOW so please Contact Us  to make your Christmas requirements stress free.  We can offer value for money corporate prices at reduced rates with gifts ready to go.