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From paddock to um….. Bath with Guyra Flower Farm Bath Salts 


 The Flower Farm Guyra is 100% Australian owned and operated peony rose farm located in the New England Tablelands of Northern New South Wales. We are the most northern commercial peony farm in Australia.  Our weather is similar to parts of Tasmania and Victoria where winters fall below 0 degrees and summers are mild.

The peony season in Australia is from late October until mid-December.  At our peony rose farm, we produce peonies for three short weeks, from the 15 November until the first week in December.  Although this does not seem like a long time, our fresh cut peonies bloom bountifully and we grow bunches and bunches destined for florists, wholesalers and of course brides.  

The flowering season is so short in Australia.  Peonies are a cut tubular flower which is highly sought after in bridal bouquets.  Quite often during the year potential customers  will ring asking me for peony roses when they are "out of season" -  which is most of the year!!  It can be tricky to know exactly when to buy fresh peonies unless you are familiar with local availability.

Fresh Peonies on Wedding Table


I started wondering how can the peony season can be extended.  Peony season is so short, yet  the joy these flowers create must somehow be extended.  I just  felt it seemed so unfair excited brides desperately wanting peony roses out of season missed out.  Peony availability is limited.There are too many brides wanting peonies all year round and not enough peonies available.

I decided to try and preserve the flowers by drying the peony petals during our flowering season, picking the best flowers that held colour well, and storing them to use throughout the year.

The peony roses are used as our base ingredient in our Peony Rose Bath Salts  .  This is a super luxurious way to relax and nurture your body.  The subtle scent of peony envelopes you while the petals float gently to the top of your bath.

Our Peony Rose Bath Milk provides a gentle exfoliation from the lactic acid in the cow’s milk gently softening the skin for a silky smooth glow. 

Try our Step Into Silk Gift Hamper which includes our Peony Rose Bath Salts,

Peony Rose Bath Milk, Peony Rose + Pink Clay Bath Milk and our super

moisturising hand made cold pressed soaps in Peony and Peony + Pink Clay 

fragrances.  Lathers beautifully too and a great addition to your shower or bath 

time self care routine.



Peony Petals

 I love the fresh peonies being used from the paddock to the bath, and decided that using our philosophy Mind + NOURISH + Body  lavender would be grown and incorportated in an Aromatherapy line.  It fits perfectly and grows well in this region.

After drought and bushfires I found lavender a wonderful plant to grow.  It requires little water and does not like "wet feet."  I already had about 30 plants in the garden so added another 200 to create a spectacular sea of purple from November for 6 weeks.  The bees love the lavender too, and this year I have asked a local beekeeper to pop a hive amongst the lavender as there are always so many bees in the flowers.  It is a glorious sea of purple.  

Bee on lavender flower


 We harvest the lavender in January, dry the flowers and make our hand crafted Lavender Eye Pillows which are filled with organic buckwheat and lavender harvested from our farm.  Our Lavender Stacks contain rice and farm lavender too.  Both are made with a pretty 100% Cotton Floral Peony Fabric and a soft pink Organic Cotton.  These are handmade at our farm.


Our Handcrafted Cold Pressed Soaps do not use our petals as they go brown -although we would love to.  There is Peony Soap  which contains Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Lye and Peony Fragrance and Peony with Pink Clay which contains Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Lye and Organic Pink Clay.  

2 Soaps Peony and Peony + Pink Clay


 I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about our peony rose farm.  If you are interested in folllowing our story, please subscribe to "Life At The Flower Farm" below or follow us on social media.