Fresh Peony Roses

Our picking time is about a month and an extremely busy time for us.  The blooms are picked early in the morning or late afternoon and stored in cool  storage before travelling locally and beyond  for distribution.Our peony patch  has seven varieties of peonies - all doubles - you know the ones with oodles of petals. We have one red, one white and 5 shades of pink.

Peony Rose Bunch

 If you've missed the Peony Season, because it's way too short, you can always

stock up on our Peony Bath Milk and Peony Bath Salts which are a popular 

choice.  Our farm dried peony petals are mixed with other natural ingredients 

designed to nourish you Mind + Body.



Good Vase Life

Life is too short to not experience freshly cut peony roses straight from The Flower Farm, however follow my top tips to ensure they last and last.

If you pick up peonies and need to travel distances where they may become warm, bring buckets filled with ice to ensure they are transported in chilled water. 

Once home, choose a spot for your vase out of direct sunlight and out of a warm room.  Both of these things will wilt your peonies.

Finally, snip the stems and change the water every 3rd day using cool water from the fridge.

All these things will maximise your floral enjoyment.




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This is our gorgeous puppy Ruby, helping out while we are busy grading the peony roses for market.