Lavender eye pillow with floral design
Lavender, Organic Buckwheat and peony floral material used to make lavender eye pillow

Eye Pillow Lavender

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Our Lavender Eye Pillow provides calming aromotherapy for lovers of lavender.  Our flower farm lavender can provide relaxation and stress relief.  Lavender is known for its headache relieving properties and can be put in the freezer to chill and relieve puffy eyes, reduce swelling and headache relief. Contains Organic Buckwheat and and Lavender.  Approximately 24cm x 6.5cm.

  • The lavender is sourced from our patch
  •  The eye pillow is handmade in the northern New England Tablelands of NSW 
  • Using farm grown lavender to reduce the inputs required
  • Fabrics are Organic Pink Cotton to place on eyes and pretty Cotton/Polyester Peony floral