Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack
Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack
Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack
Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack
Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack
Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack

Gift Hamper - Lullaby Lavender Gift Pack

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  **Lullaby  Lavender Gift Hamper**

Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy by Natropaths who seek solutions to sleep and anxiety through natural means.

The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress and anxiety and aid in promoting a good night’s sleep.

This pack Contains: 

1 Lavender Eye Pillow
Our Lavender Eye Pillow provides calming aromotherapy for lovers of lavender.  The lavender is harvested on farm and can provide relaxation to relieve stress and help 
sleep.  Contains Organic Buckwheat and and Lavender.  Approximately 23cm  x 7cm. 


1 Lavender Stack

Our Lavender Stack adds a beautiful aromatic lavender fragrance around your home.  Our flower farm lavender stack can be slipped in your clothing drawer, stacked between your linen or tucked under your pillow.  Contains Rice and Lavender. Approx. 260gms.  The lavender is sourced from our patch and handmade in the northern New England Tablelands of NSW on our farm .  Using farm sourced lavender reduces the inputs required.


1 Pretty Peony Sleep Mask

Our pretty Peony Sleeping Mask is handmade at our farm using our peony floral cotton 100% fabric with a pale pink organic cotton gently caressing the eyes while you sleep soundlessly.  A great addition to your bedtime ritual.

Bonus Gifts

Peony Bath Salts 

Imagine our uniquely handcrafted, boutique Peony Rose Bath Salts  scaled down to a smaller size - a beautiful amount to treat yourself  to a well needed spa experience or foot soak.  Petals are grown at The Flower Farm and made at the Flower Farm by our family.  It makes a great stocking filler at Christmas too!!  The dried peony petals are a natural product and will gradually gently fade

  • Product ingredients: Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, Peony Petals, Peony Fragrance.

  Each packet contain about one quarter of a cup of product and is 13cm high by 8cm wide.  Salts weigh 70 grams.

 *In a small minority of cases irritation may occur if you have sensitive skin, so a patch test is recommended.  We are unaware of any cases, but prefer to let you know that this is advisable.*

 Lavender Tea Bag

Our farm harvested lavender is popped into a tea bag for you to either pop into your next bath/footsoak or tuck under your pillow or undie drawer.  The choice is yours.

We will pop in the products into an open box with shredded paper, however if you prefer the products to be wrapped and a note attached we can certainly do that - just add it to the Customer Notes.
Extend your Experience - the Step Into Silk  Gift  Pack contains all our Peony Bath Salts & Bath Milks for silky smooth skin and our handcrafted Peony and Peony + Pink Clay Soaps.  For a totally moisturising experience from Bath to Bed.

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